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The Myth and Legend of Chang Er in China

Legend of Chang Er

The legend Chang Er Flying to the Moon is a beautiful fable of ancient China. Chang Er was the wife of the legendary hero Hou Yi, a great archer who accomplished great achievements by shooting down nine extra suns. The hero was rewarded with a kind of elixir for his deed, which was then eaten by his wife by stealth. Chang Er rose up to the sky immediately after that and lived on the moon ever since. The moon is also called "Moon Palace" by the Chinese to describe the abode of Chang Er. It is said that she regretted for what she had done soon after she flied to the moon. Many poets in ancient China cited the subject in their poems, in order to deliver Chang Er's loneliness, chillness and solitude in the moon palace. It is no wonder that so many people want to have a China travel to explore profound Chinese history. May the mysterious Chinese legends tell something.

In China, Chang Er is a synonym for the moon, and the Chinese nation has always had a special emotion towards the moon derived by the associations of fair Chang Er, which has even influenced the nation in all aspects. When getting to know what happened to Chang Er, common people of that time put their incense burner tables under the moon and prayed for luck and safety to the kind lady. Thereby, the custom of worshiping the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival caught on among folks.

Later, other legends about the moon, such as Wu Gang Chopping the Laurel Tree and Moon Rabbit Grinding Medicine were created, draping the moon with a mysterious veil once more. Moreover, people are also fond of making interesting patterns of these tales on moon cakes.

Goddess of the Moon-Chang'e

In Taoism, Cheng'e is the Goddess of the Moon, also called "the Star Lady".

Cheng'e & Journey to the West

The Character Pigsy in Journey to the West, one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, is known to almost everyone in China. Pigsy was originally Marshal Tian Peng, commander of the Heavenly Naval forces. He had long been drooling over Chang'e's beauty, but he never dared to say it. One day, Marshal Tian Peng flirted with the Chang'e under the influence of alcohol. Chang'e reported him to the Jade Emperor, who was furious at it and banished Marshal Tian Peng to the mortal realm. But sadly, he was reincarnated as a pig. Pigsy is a comic character in the novel that readers like and sympathize with. May be this is the reason why countless travelers still want to travel China again after they enjoyed their first time China travel operated by their professional China travel agency.

Chang'e & Satellites

In January 2004, the State Council of China officially approved the launch of the lunar orbiting probe program and the leading engineering team named it "Chang'e Project". It is China's independently-conducted moon probing and observing project. At 18:05, October 24th, 2007, China's first self-developed lunar orbiting satellite "Chang'e One" was successfully blasted off in Xichang Satellite Launch Center and became a real lunar satellite on November 5th. It is a great break-through in China's lunar probe projects.

Peking Opera Goddess Chang'e Flying to the Moon

Peking Opera Goddess Chang'e Flying to the Moon was created by the great Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang. He wrote the play according to the folk legend about Chang'e and the Tang Dynasty poem lines "Chang'e must regret stealing the elixir, as she broods in loneliness night after night." In the play, character Chang'e's lines are full of loneliness and forlornness, mainly reflecting her homesickness and her regret over stealing the elixir and coming to the moon.

Maybe you just have had the exciting Yangtze River cruises and witnessed the natural scenery of China. However, no China travel is complete without discovering Chinese profound culture.

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