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Explore Northern Guangxi Tourist Area China

The city of Liuzhou is in central Guangxi by northeast, on the middle reaches of the Liujiang River. It has hills at its back and overlooks the Liujiang River. There are Yufeng Hill where Sister Liu the Third, a singing immortal of the Zhuang tribe, went up to the heaven, the Dalong Pool Scenic Area which has a concentration of the Dong, Miao, and Yao-style architectural arts, and scenic spots at Dule Crag. Rongshui, Jinxiu, and Sanjiang counties in the vicinities are the principal tourist areas featuring the customs and habits of the ethnic groups. If you want to discover the northern Guangxi tourist area, visiting the Lingqu Canal, The Chengyang Wind-and-Rain Bridge and breathtaking Guilin would offer you unforgettable memory of your China tour deals.

Lingqu Canal

Dug in 219 B. C., the Lingqu Canal, one of the well-known water control projects from ancient China, extends for 66 kilometers in Xing'an County to link up the Xiangjiang and Lijiang rivers and the Changjiang and Zhujiang river systems. It was the only inland navigational channel between central China and areas south of the Five Ridges in ancient times. The canal is dug with superb workmanship excelling nature and the scenery along the way is a concentration of natural and man-made landscapes. If you want to discover the irrigation system in ancient China along your China travel, Lingqu Canal would never get you disappointed!

The Chengyang Wind-and-Rain Bridge

Located in Linxi Township of the Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, the bridge is listed as one of the three famous bridges from ancient China. Built in 1916, this semi-permanent bridge is 64.4 meters long and has stone piers and wooden girders and pavilions connected by a tile-roofed corridor. Viewed from a distance, this majestic bridge compares favorably with the Floral Bridge in Guilin. If you want to discover the great bridge built in ancient China, paying a visit to the magnificent The Chengyang Wind-and-Rain Bridge would make your China travel packages more fruitful.


Sprawling in northern Guangxi, Guilin is a well-known cultural city and a scenic center with a history of more than 2,100 years. Yangshuo County under its jurisdiction is famous for its charming rural scenery. Xing'an County, 60 kilometers north of Guilin, features the Lingqu Canal, Mao'er Mountain known as the First Mountain in southern China, and the Mao'er Mountain State Park. The Zijiang River that flows in Ziyuan County 149 kilometers from Guilin is a corridor of landscapes known for their seclusion, precipitousness, wonderfulness, and gracefulness. Longsheng County, 97 kilometers from Guilin, presents the customs and habits of the Zhuang and Yao ethnic tribes, hot springs that are good for people to recuperate, and terraced fields on Dragon's Back. After traveling Guilin, you would know why so many people want to have their China travel despite of fatigue and long journey!

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