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Explore Southern Guangxi Tourist Area of China

Situated in southern Guangxi by west, the city of Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has a history of 1,600 years. There are such tourist spots as the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area, the Yiling Crag Scenic Area, and Fenghuang (Phoenix) Lake; Guangxi Museum, the Guangxi Folk Customs Center, Guangxi Square for Nationalities, and the Cultural Palace for Nationalities in the city proper; and paintings on the face of cliffs on Floral Hill in Ningming, the Friendship Pass in Pingxiang, the Lesser Liancheng Castle, Detian Waterfall on the border between China and Viet Nam in Daxin, and the Longhu (Dragon and Tiger) Mountain Nature Reserve. If you have no idea about your China tours of Guangxi, the following sites are kindly recommended for reference.

The Friendship Pass

Erected between two hills on the eastern section of the border between China and Viet Nam in southwest Guangxi, the Friendship Pass is 18 kilometers from the city of Pingxiang. It is one of China's nine famous passes and has been the gateway to southern China since ancient times. The imposing pass has three stories and stands 22 meters tall. Fort barbettes are built on the hills at the flanks. Many travelers who are enjoying their China tour packages of Guangxi with their good friends would pass this Friendship Pass, blessing their friendship everlasting and unchanging.

The Detian Waterfall

Located on the upper reaches of the Guichun River in Daxin County, a border river between China and Viet Nam, it flows more than 50 meters down a cliff, bringing along with it thunderous roars and splashes of water in all directions. It is cited as "the No. 1 transnational waterfall in Asia." IF you want to get closing to nature along your China travel deals of Guangxi, the mighty Detian Waterfall would definitely a must-have along your trip.

Beihai City

Lying in southern Guangxi, the city of Beihai presents a sub-tropical landscape. The Beihai Silvery Beach, a holiday resort, has white, fine, soft sand; clear sea water; and complete tourist ',, facilities. Weizhou Islet is called "the fabled abode of immortals in southern China." There are also a mangrove forest -- a State marine nature reserve, the beautiful Xingdao Lake, and Pearl Town in Bailong. The travelers who want to explore the sub-tropical landscape in Guangxi China could ask their China tour operator to add the distinctive Beihai City in their itinerary and they will never be disappointed!

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