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Must-haves for Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai Ethnic Minority of China

China is a world-renowned large tourist country, which attracts tens of thousands of travel-addicts domestic and abroad to join different kinds of China tours despite of fatigue and long journey. Besides its breathtaking landscape, China is also endowed with profound culture. When mentioning Chinese culture, Chinese festival is what cannot be missed. The following mainly focus on Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai People.

Throwing Scented Bags

To welcome the Dai New Year,young girls make lucky charms with colored paper.Young people often throw scented bags at prospective lovers.

Dai Girls

Dai girls in their holiday best.Traditionally,Dai girls wear tight-sleeved short dresses and sarongs,which zccentuate their figures.

Making Models out of Sand

A Dai New Year activity for young girls is competing to make models out of sand.Buddha and animal figures are the most common design. It is no wonder that so many foreigners prefer discover Chinese culture further after they finished their first time China vacation deals.

Maybe some travel-addicts have enjoyed the fantastic China Tibet tours and discovered the natural scenery in plateau of China. To discover an authentic China, exploring profound Chinese culture is essentially needed. Come to China and start your Chinese culture exploration from Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai People.

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