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Breathtaking Water Mill Gully (Shuimo Valley) in Urumqi

Water Mill Gully is located in a northeastern suburb of Urumqi, about 5 kilometers from the urban area. The Water Mill River flows through the gully, with old woods embracing the two banks, fountain water spewing out from the river, and beautiful pavilions scattered around. As early as the Qing Dynasty, it was constructed as a tourist attraction, and there were a large quantity of visitors during summer. There is a famous hot spring in the gully with yearly temperatures ranging from 28℃ to 30℃. This spring water contains several elements like potassium, sodium, magnesium, potassium nitrate and zinc, etc. This mineral-laden water is supposed to have a curative effect on the arthritis and dermatosis, and is famous as a healing mineral water. In 1982, a Hospital of Physical Therapy was built on the site. With the introduction of state of the art, Japanese made, medical devices, many visitors have come here for therapeutic getaways. There are plenty of nearby sights to explore such as the Water Mill Gully Park, the Xuelian Mountain Golf Club, and the Longji Horsemanship Club, etc. If you only time for one attraction in Urumqi along your China travel service booked for Urumqi, then it should be Water Mill Gully (Shuimo Valley).

In the Water Mill Gully Park, tens of fountains spews out and converge into rivers creating a spectacular mist. As the temperature of water is 14 ℃ all year around, it is a perennial river. The mill was constructed over 200 years ago, and the “Xiang Fei Chu Yu” (Bathing Beauty) spot is a great place to take in the view. If you want to explore the natural beauty of Urumqi, then your China tour packages should include the Water Mill Gully Park, a must-have in Urumqi.

The Xuelian Mountain Golf Club encompasses around 9,000 Sq/mt, and is located at the foot of Bogda Peak, Tian Shan Mountain. There are 18 holes and 72 bogeys, and the golf course meets the standards of international tournaments. There is also a ski resort, tennis courts and other facilities for entertainment.

Longji Horsemanship Club takes is about 1,500 Sq/mt. It has a standard racing track 1,400 meters long and more than 70 horses of fine breed. It offers tours of Tian Shan Mountain by horseback, a chance to feel the life of a true cowboy of the western pastures. Skiing is also possible here in the winter. In brief, Water Mill Gully is an all-around tourist attraction, offering natural beauty, historical sights, man-made entertainment parks and ethnic folklore together in one place.

If China travel destination is mentioned, many people may think of Yangtze River cruises, while to the adventure-lovers, they may prefer to discover the northwest part of China, then Xinjiang may meet their preference. In this case, why not pay a visit to Water Mill Gully in Urumqi?

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