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Impressive Wang Family Grand Courtyard: A Typical Ancient Residence on the Loess Plateau

An enclosed residence stands on the Loess Plateau, covering more than 250,000 square meters. This is Wang Family Grand Courtyard, a typical ancient residence in Shanxi Province, northern China. If you want to extend your Xian travel, then you could ask your China tour agents to arrange Taiyuan into your itinerary as most travelers did to discover the impressive Wang Family Grand Courtyard, the reputedly Folk Forbidden City.

More than 200 years ago, a group of successful merchants made splendid achievements in Shanxi Province. They made huge investments in residential buildings and created a number of gorgeous ancient residences which attract numerous visitors nowadays. Wang Family Grand Courtyard is a typical one which was built up continuously during the Qing Dynasty.

The whole residence was divided into five parts, and each decorated with elements of a lucky animal in the Chinese tradition, such as dragons, phoenixes, and tigers. Two parts of the residence, Gaojiaya and Hongmenbao, are open to the public. If your China travel deals is of ancient Chinese architectural art discovery, then a visit to the Wang Family Grand Courtyard has something for you.

The two yards were built up by the hillside. Exquisite brick-carving, wood-carving and stone-carving with dragons and phoenixes decorate the architectures. As the years passed by, the well-preserved architectures show outstanding skills of the craftsmen.

The layout of the yards shows the strict hierarchical system of ancient China. Rooms and yards with different scales used to be offered to people with different status. Besides, the height of eaves and the width of paths represented the status of the owners. These independent houses were connected by staggered paths and formed a huge maze for strangers.

When China travel is talking about, many people may think of Yangtze River cruise, while to the culture-lovers, they may prefer to see something about culture-testimonies, such as art, architectures and the like. In this case, a visit to Wang Family Grand Courtyard is what they are looking for.

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