Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

Why Travel to China Despite of Fatigue and Long Journey?

As a kid, someone probably told that if you kept digging a hole, you’d eventually end up in China. Hopefully that person wasn’t your science teacher otherwise you probably also learned that humans hunted dinosaurs to extinction.

But my point is, China was another planet as far as you knew — some far-off, alien place that you’d never see. The closest you could hope for was a Panda Express in the food court at your local mall followed by a lame Jackie Chan buddy-cop movie.  After your Yangtze River cruise finishes in Chongqing, you could pay a visit to the Chengdu Zoo to see the lovely pandas and interact with them.

Today China travel is almost as common as the clichéd summer backpacking tour through Europe. And with an upgraded tourist infrastructure following the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — China’s impressive coming out party — it’s never been easier to explore one of the world’s most fascinating civilizations.

Writers like to describe China as a sleeping giant that has woken from a long slumber. If you’ve been reading the news, you know that China has not only woken up, it woke up with morning wood, had some strong tea, and is honking its horn all the way to work. Yes, without a doubt, modern China is now wide awake and overly-caffeinated. And for better or worse, it’s growing into a global power that will help shape the next millennium.

But prepare to have your preconceptions shattered. Indeed, it' s easy to get an inaccurate picture of China from “what they say.” There’s no shortage of negative press: government crackdowns, earthquakes, corruption, poisoned dog food, and out-of-control pollution. But these media fragments give a hazy, distorted view.
In contrast, I wonder what impressions a first-time visitor to the U.S. must have? A war-loving and water-boarding government, drive-by shootings, terrorist bombers, serial killers, crazed postal employees, levee breaks, and oil spills. Do they think we’re all Super-sized, gun-crazed, gas-guzzling, road-raging, celebrity-obsessed, Octomom freakshows? (the fact that it’s all true is beside the point). My point is, to even start to understand modern China you need to leave your preconceptions at home and dive in headfirst. Join the private China tours and go to see it by yourself!
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