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Must-haves for Chinese Mid-autumn Day

Moon cake

A moon cake is a delicately-stuffed round cake that is delicious and nice to look at. The cake is often given as a gift between family and friends during the festival to show greetings. A small cake is a carrier of good wishes between family members, the eagerness to join family reunion of those away from home and people's praying for happiness. It was reported that Chinese culture contributes a lot to China tourism because it attracts countless travelers to discover it annually.

Watching the full moon

Watching the full moon on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival is the best activity for the whole family. It is a custom for people to ascend towers and terraces and have a good chat in the full-moon night while drinking wine and eating delicacies. The scene of "blooming flowers, full moon and family reunion" is poetic and charming.

Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Fair

To accentuate the brightness of the moon, people traditionally light up lanterns on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The color lanterns are made of bamboo slips and paper. They come in different shapes and sizes, with candles inside. The lanterns with flickering candlelight are a visual feast to everyone. The scale of the Mid-Autumn Festival lantern fair is second only to that of the Lantern Festival. It is no wonder that so many foreign tourists still prefer to have their China vacation deals during the Chinese mid-autumn day to experience this spree atmosphere.

Wu Gang Chops the Laurel

Apart from the famous mythological story of "Cheng'e Flying to the Moon", there's another moon related story, which is about the laurel tree cutter Wu Gang. It is said that there was an extremely tall laurel tree on the moon and a man called Wu Gang was ordered to cut down the tree as a punishment for offending the god of heaven. He was not allowed to go home until he could cut down the tree. But the problem was that each time he chopped the tree, it would instantly grow back, making it impossible for him to cut it down. Like Chang'e, he had no choice but to cut the tree on the moon forever.

Maybe some travel-addicts have enjoyed the fantastic Yangtze River cruises and discovered the natural scenery of China. To discover an authentic China, exploring profound Chinese culture is essentially needed. Come to China and start your Chinese culture exploration from Chinese Mid-autumn Day!

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