Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

The Profound Chinese Dining Culture

Since China is a large tourist country, which is endowed with profound Chinese culture, which attracts numerous travel-lovers to join diversified China vacation packages annually. Chinese culture is profound in different kinds of aspects. Chinese people love to eat and China boasts one of the world's greatest cuisines. During the long development of Chinese eating culture, many practices have evolved that foreign visitors may find quite different from what they are used to and even consider weird. These pages have been written to help those from other parts of the world to understand Chinese eating culture.

China is a country with a long history of ritual and etiquette, and eating is highly important feature of China’s culture, so naturally dining etiquette has developed to a high degree. Dining etiquette is said to have its beginnings in the Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BC). Through thousands of years of evolution it has developed into a set of generally accepted dining rituals and practices. However, there is still variation in table etiquette according to the character and purpose of a banquet and great differences regionally. Your China travel is incomplete without knowing Chinese dinning etiquette.

Eating Ambience

Being surrounded by much loud talking and laughing is a typical ambience at a Chinese restaurant. (This goes against what you will see on the dining etiquette page about talking little and quietly and laughing reservedly, as will many other things you see in restaurants.) Chinese people like a noisy and upbeat atmosphere when having a gathering and meals are no exception. People regard it as a rule of thumb that if the dishes of a restaurant are good and tasty then the restaurant will be noisy and busy. The crowds at a restaurant indicate the deliciousness of the dishes. If you want a quiet place to enjoy your meal, some restaurants provide private rooms with one or more tables.

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