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Fuxi and Nvwa in Ancient Chinese Mythic Legends

Fuxi and Nvwa are the human ancestors in Chinese ancient mythic legends.

Story has it that Fuxi is not only the clan leader in the east and the chief of the three sage kings and five virtuous emperors of China at the dawn of human civilization, but also an omnipotent wise man capable of various kinds of skills. He created the Eight Diagrams and simulated the spider to weave fishing net. He was not only able to make musical instruments, but also good at cooking tasty food. Moreover, he contributed a lot to the traditional Chinese medicine and was the forefather of Chinese civilization. He also formulated etiquettes and regulations for people, reducing the barbaric marriage by plundering. Every year, millions of Chinese-culture-lovers flock to China for discovery during their China tours.

Nvwa is a famous female leader during the remote legendary period of China, provided with powerful abilities. It is said that a great disaster once took place in nature and then the heaven collapsed, the earth was sunken, and wild beasts cruelly killed common people. Nvwa repaired the heaven with colored rocks and killed the brutal beasts. She also used clay to create humans and human society by simulating her own appearance. It is also said that Nvwa invented a kind of musical instrument called reed pipe wind instrument so that she is esteemed as a musical goddess. Moreover, she created the marriage system to enable humans to multiply offspring, so she is called the marriage goddess. In China, people living in different places have different culture, if you have a Tibet travel , then you can discover the Tibetan culture, which is brimming with ethnic features.

There are a lot of legends on Fuxi and Nvwa, which are recorded in many Chinese ancient books such as Book of Changes, Elegies of Chu, Writings of Prince Huainan and Book of Mountains and Seas. These myths have all been passed down and their impact is very wide and profound. Up to now, the Miao and Dong peoples in China's Yunnan Province still worship Nvwa as their own primogenitor.

Every year, many students joined different kinds of educational China tours during their summer or winter holiday to discover Chinese culture. When discovering Chinese culture, Chinese legend can not be missed.

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