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Travel Tip for Visiting Yabuli Town in Heilongjiang Province China

Dubbed the City of Snow, Yabuli Town, 193.8 kilometers east of Harbin, the capital of northeastern China’s Heilongjiang Province, is characterized by a high concentration of ski resorts, of which the Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest in the nation. The resort includes runs for both tourists and expert skiers, becoming a winter paradise for both competitors and novices. This winter, I made a trip to the resort with some friends. The following tips would be a great help along your China travel deals to Yabuli Town, Heilongjiang Province.

Tourists can drive to Yabuli by themselves. Also, trains run daily between Harbin and Yabuli. Passengers can then take a bus from the Yabuli Railway Station to the ski resort. Admission to the ski resort is 10 yuan per person.

Many lodging options are available at Yabuli Ski Resort, including family guesthouses, apartments, and 3-star hotels. Advanced reservations are recommended during holidays. Typically, the room rates are higher on weekends than weekdays. A standard room in star-rated hotels costs about 680 yuan per night. Tourists are strongly recommended to try family hotels, which offer brick beds heated by firewood and special countryside cuisine at affordable prices. Each bed costs a few dozen yuan per person. Many China tour agents also suggest their travelers to stay in the family hotels to experience the lifestyle of local people.

Eating rural cuisine and local dishes featuring wild animals such as pheasant and rabbit, and sipping homemade liquor are must-do activities during Yabuli’s chilly winter. Skiers are suggested to pack snacks, such as Harbin sausages, kvass, milk tea, bread, and chocolate. As a hot tourist destination, Yabuli features comparatively expensive prices. Bringing as much food as possible is an ideal strategy to save money. Eating the local cuisine of Heilongjiang province would be a great experience along your private China tour to Yabuli Town in Heilongjiang Province.

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