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Must-haves for Traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

China is a world-renowned large tourist country, which attracts tens of thousands of travel-addicts domestic and abroad to join different kinds of China tour packages despite of fatigue and long journey. Besides its breathtaking landscape, China is also endowed with profound culture. When mentioning Chinese culture, Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is what cannot be missed. The following mainly focus on Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival, also named "Chongwu Festival", "Calamus Festival" or "Daughter's Festival", takes place in May 5 in the lunar calendar. It is a folk festival widely passed down with a history of over two thousand years, and one of the most important festivals as well. There are various celebrating activities on the day of Dragon Boat Festival, among which eating rice dumplings (zongzi, the steamed glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) and dragon boat race are important customs.

There are many legends on the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. Some people say it is to commemorate the poet Qu Yuan, while some people think it is to memorialize Wu Zixu, a famous official in the Warring States Period, still there are some others regarding May 5 in the lunar calendar as the date when the Wuyue people held a memorial totem ceremony in ancient times. However, the legend on Qu Yuan is the most widely spread. People praise highly the lofty sentiment and outstanding talent toward this patriotic poet and take more pity on the finale that he drowned himself in a river. In the mind of most Chinese people, the conventions of eating rice dumplings and Dragon Boat Race in the Festival are all closely related to the commemoration of Qu Yuan. Besides, there are also different conventions like drinking realgar wine and wearing sachet. It is no wonder that so many foreigners prefer discover Chinese culture further after they finished their Yangtze River tour.

Girls' Day

In ancient times, a married daughter would return to her parents' home during the Dragon Boat Festival and a bride-to-be would put on her Sunday best. So, the Dragon Boat Festival is also called "Girls' Day"

Driving away the Five Poisonous Pests

Nuns in Buddhist nunneries cut out of colourful thin silk patterns of toads, lizards, spiders, snakes and centipedes and distribute them to their benefactors to be posted on doors and in bedrooms before the Dragon Boat Festival. It is believed that the cutouts can suppress such poisonous vermin. These emblems are thus called the "amulets against the five poisonous pests".
According to The Customs of Qingqi, on Grain Rain Day people painted "amulets against the five poisonous pests" in the shapes of the lizard, the centipede, the poisonous snake, the wasp and the demon, each impaled by a needle. These paintings were duplicated and put up on the doors of the houses in an attempt to drive away all pests and pestilences. In the Wu area this custom is practised during the Dragon Boat Festival.
No last minute travel deals are complete without experience the Chinese culture. Come to China and discover it on your own.

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