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Never Miss A Spot: Useful Tips of Seasonal Travel in Tibet China

Tibet, a place of mystery and sanctity, is witnessing its coldest days this winter. Time flows with eternity, in spite of sunshine, mist, rainbow and snow, leaving our timeless memories on this soil of Tibet. Holding a reverence in nature, we set our sights on the different seasons of Tibet. Every year, many people flock to have China Tibet tours to discover this mysterious Holy Land.

January in Lhasa: Stepping into the sunshine. Courage is absolutely the first thing if you travel to Tibet in winter, considering the freezing weather in January. In inland areas snow and cold waves keep people at home all the day. Tibet, nearest to the sun, however, witnesses crowds of people enjoying leisure time under the sun, drinking tea while chatting and laughing. The scene, warm and casual, often makes travelers forget time and where they are. Statistics show that Lhasa has an average annual sunshine of more than eight hours a day. You can wear only a woollen sweater at noon under the sun in Lhasa even in winter. Choosing a good time for you China travel would reward your travel more.

February in Lhasa: Celebrating three festivals. It's such a coincidence that three festivals, the Tibetan New Year, the Spring Festival and the Valentine's Day, fall on the same day - Feb. 14 this year. Traveling in Tibet on that special day will certainly be an once-in-a-life experience. The Spring Festival and Valentine's Day are undoubtedly great events, let alone the Tibetan New Year. The celebration of the Tibetan New Year begins on Dec. 29 on the Tibetan calendar, lasting 15 days. These tips would of great help for your Tibet tours.

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