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Popular Water Parks in Beijing China

Tuanjiehu Park

Tuanjiehu Park is an ideal spot for great summer fun. The park features a large swimming pool with a wave machine and a tiny but hot man-made yellow sand beach surrounding the pool. The park is so clean that it attracts many families with kids. Additional kids activities at the park includes boating and roller skating. The park has free locker, but showering at the park is a big challenge, because only cold water is offered here. If your China travel packages of Beijing falls in summer, you should never miss a visit to Tuanjiehu Park, which would be fantastic enough.

Water World in Qingnianhu Park

The Water World in Qingnianhu Park is a 1.5-hectare outdoor paradise of water recreations, with a maximum capacity of more than 3,000 tourists. It features slides in different shapes, kids' water slides and other entertaining facilities for kids. The Water World is also a perfect place for daytime office workers to relax and cool down after work. The floodlit pools at the Water World keep the park open into the evenings during the peak summer months. No Beijing tour package in summer are perfect enough without discovering the Water World in Qingnianhu Park.

City Seaview at Xiedao Resort

The City Seaview at Xiedao Resort is the biggest man-made seaside bathing beach in China. It's a good choice to escape the urban summer heat and enjoy the sea view within reach. The park boasts a miniature tropical seaside landscape, with large man-made wave pools and vast beach areas surrounded by coconut trees. Entertaining facilities are available with fees.

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