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Must-haves for Chinese Lantern Festival

Origin of the Lantern Festival

The tradition of appreciating lanterns on the Lantern Festival originates from the Eastern Han Dynasty, which has a bearing on the introduction of Buddhism into China at that time. It is a Buddhist convention that the monks would visit sarira and lighten up lanterns to show respect to Buddha on Jan 15.In Buddhism, there is a convention that shamans visit sarira and lighten up lanterns to show the respect to buddhas. Therefore, Emperors of that dynasty, who enthroningwere determined to promote in Buddhism, ordered people to lighten up lanterns in both palaces and temples on that night to show respect to bBuddhas. Additionally, civilians arewere all requested to hang up lanterns on that night, which is why the festival is called "Lantern Festival". Some foreign people particular choose the China tour packages of festival theme to discover this spree.

Guessing Riddles Written on Lanterns

In the Song Dynasty, the custom of guessing riddles written on lanterns on Lantern Festival came into being and people living thenat that time wrote riddles on paper strips and then pasted them on the colorful lanterns for the appreciation and guessing of peopleothers to appreciate and guess. Developing toIn the Qing Dynasty, people in order to celebrating the festival also set off fireworks were set off to add to the fun, and the Lantern Festival by then has witnessed a record-breaking grand occasion. It is no wonder that so many foreigners prefer discover Chinese culture further after they finished their China business travel.

Sweet Dumplingyuanxiao

The Chinese traditional desertdim sum eaten on Lantern Festival is called "sweet dumpling yuanxiao" (rice glue ball) or commonly called "rice dumpling tangyuan". A meaning of family reunion and happiness may be felt even only from such name which is a very lucky one. Sweet dumpling Yuanxiao has its exterior made into a ball shape withand sticky rice power and interior take white sugar, sweetened bean paste, and sesame as core materialthe stuffing. Besides, the interior of rice dumpling may also be filled with walnut meat, nutlets, and even meat can be used as the stuffing as well. Apart from the boiling manner, sweet dumpling yuanxiao may also be prepared through deep frying and steaming manners.

Lighting Colored Lanterns

In traditional folk customs, colored lights are considered as something beautiful and illuminating. They are indispensable decorations for festival celebrations. And colored lanterns play an essential role on the Lantern Festival. In the past, every household would light various types of lanterns for one another's enjoyment. Lantern fairs would be held in downtown areas, where night would be lighted up like the daytime. Now in China, large-scale lantern fairs will be held on the Lantern Festival Day in parks, temple fairs, or scenic spots.

Maybe some travel-addicts have enjoyed the fantastic Yangtze River cruises and discovered the natural scenery of China. To discover an authentic China, exploring profound Chinese culture is essentially needed. Come to China and start your Chinese culture exploration from Chinese lantern festival.

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