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When Should Be Avoided to Travel In China?

China tours are highly favored by many travel-lovers because of unbeatable charm of China. Whenever you come, China has something for you. While some periods should be avoided when you are planning to travel China.

Weather aside, avoid traveling during any of the China’s national holidays if at all possible. In the 1990s the Chinese government introduced the “Golden Weeks” to develop domestic tourism industry.

Unlike in the West, the average Chinese worker has little to no flexibility in scheduling their vacation/holiday time. Instead, the entire country essentially takes their vacations at the exact same time! If you China vacation packages fall to these period, your travel may be less enjoyable, because the sightseeing area would be much crowded.

The bottom line: If you’re attempting to travel or see anything resembling a tourist attraction during these times, you will quickly lose the will to live. Just imagine if the U.S. celebrated Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, and Christmas all on the same week. Now multiply our population of 300 million by a factor of four.

You don’t have to take Econ 101 to understand the Supply & Demand implications of this. Competition and prices for airline, train or bus tickets get jacked up (and don’t think you’re going to out-elbow a billion Chinese travelers). Same goes for hotels, restaurants, and any other tourist-related services.

If you can’t avoid traveling during these times, make all reservations well in advance or sign up with a tour (but expect to pay more). Consider visiting less popular tourist destinations and staying put in one location until everyone gets back to work. In this case, you China travel deals during this period would be money-efficient because hotel accommodation fees would be higher than that in shoulder seasons.

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