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Fantastic Suzhou Tour

With its symbolic stone bridges, flowing water, elegant gardens and ancient buildings, Suzhou China tour is known as an earthly paradise. It is Jiangsu’s economic, foreign trade, culture, art, education and transportation centre.

Suzhou Lhasa TourS is situated in the central part of the Yangtze River Delta Region and is adjacent to the provinces of Shanghai and Wuxi. It is at the southeastern gate of Jiangsu Province and the only route into middle and northern Jiangsu.

As a notable ancient city with more than 2,500 years of history, Suzhou now is a fully-fledged tourism destination. There are world-heritage-listed gardens, many cultural sites dating from ancient times, and a number of well-preserved ancient towns. Additionally, the convenient air, railway, highway and ferry transportation in Suzhou offers tourists a memorable travel experience.

The Humble Administrator’s Garden is not only the Suzhou’s largest garden, but also one of the top four gardens in China. Originally built in 1509 by a retired magistrate Wang Xianchen, now it ranks the best representative of Chinese classical gardens with Ming Dynasty style.

The garden is separated into three principal parts, east, central and west. The main attraction is the Central Garden where inter-connected ponds are surrounded by pavilions, halls, corridors, and small bridges. From March to October, the beautiful flowers are in blossom. “Azalea Festival” is from mid-March to early May. If you come in Summer, lotus flowers are smiling to you. In Autumn, you could see chrysanthemum everywhere in the garden.

With a history of more than 400 years, Lingering Garden Visa Free Tours in Beijing and Shanghai is one of the top four gardens in China. Built in typical Qing Style, it is well-known for its exquisite beauty of magnificent halls, peaceful lakes and unusually-shaped stones. In 1997, Lingering Garden, along with other classical gardens in Suzhou, was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

It consists of four scenic areas: the central, eastern, western and northern part, connected by a long corridor. Buildings, trees, flowers, lakes, and “bonsai-trees” (“Penjing” in Chinese) blend harmoniously with the surroundings. Strolling in it, you can't help slowing down your pace to enjoy the harmony with nature best tours of china. It is just lingering.

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Hanghou West Lake visit Experience

The most famous attraction in Hangzhou is West China guide Lake (Xi Hu /sshee hoo/). West Lake is man-made and created after the Chinese love for garden style parks for recreation.Hangzhou's West Lake Scenic Area, in the southwest of the city, covers 60 square kilometers (23 square miles), of which West Lake itself occupies 5.6 square kilometers (2.2 square miles).

The West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou, comprising China Train Travel the West Lake and the hills surrounding its three sides, has inspired famous poets, scholars and artists since the 9th century. It comprises numerous temples, pagodas, pavilions, gardens and ornamental trees, as well as causeways and artificial islands.These additions have been made to improve the landscape west of the city of Hangzhou to the south of the Yangtze river.

The West Lake has influenced garden design in the rest of China as well as Japan and Korea over the centuries and bears an exceptional testimony to the cultural tradition of improving landscapes to create a China tours series of vistas reflecting an idealised fusion between humans and nature.

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