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Shanghai Tours-Enjoy Huangpu River Cruises in Shanghai

Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise (Shanghai Pujiang Youlan) offers the best way to see Yangtze River cruises both old and new Shanghai. View ancient and colonial buildings of the west side of
Shanghai and new futuristic skyscrapers on the east. Take a trip and enjoy the dynamic, unrivaled beauty of the Huangpu river. There is one office of Huangpu River Cruise located on the southern end of the Bund Promenade and another at Zhongshan. Float from the Bund to the Yangpu Bridge.

The Huangpu River is the longest river that passes through the city of Shanghai and is ice-free year round. It divides Shanghai into two sections: Pudong and Puxi, which means east of river and west of river respectively. There is a collection of the best city landscape of Shanghai on both sides of the river, with the stately colonial buildings along Shanghai tours the Bund and the eye-catching skyscrapers on the eastern shore of Pudong.

Shanghai tours

The Bund is the cultural section of Shanghai that best represents the blending of ancient and modern influences. This renowned waterfront district is the city’s most famous landmark. Pudong, the newer district of Shanghai, travel to Shangri-la is the financial and commercial hub with abundant Steel and glass structures. A Huangpu River Cruise is one of the best ways to see both old and new Shanghai.

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Discover Huangpu River in China Shanghai Tours

We've been here in Shanghai for
China tours four years now and we still love the Huang Pu tour as do our guests, as does our pre-schooler son. So, it's great for everyone, provided you go on a warm day or make sure you have your layers on!

The Huang Pu River is a tributary of the Yangtze and there is plenty of traffic on it to prove its importance. You'll see the magnificent building skylines on both the historic west side (the Bund), and the modern east side (Pudong) as well as the working area of coal boats filling barges and sending them downriver. It's fun to see such lively river life as well as Shanghai travel Shanghai's amazing skyline.


Shanghai tours

Great way to relax a bit and sight-see at the same time.

Perfect views of the Bund's landmark buildings with an explanation on the way.

See the modern skyscape of Pudong sprouting quickly on the east of the Huang Pu.

Watch the busy Huang Pu traffic of pleasure boats and worker barges cruising up and down Yangtze River cruises the river.

Fun for young kids and family friendly.


You don't always know which boat you're going to get, some are nicer than others.

Can be very chilly on a cold day - best to go in warm spring/summer/fall months.


Where: southern end of the Bund Promenade. Bund is Waitan, "why tahn", in mandarin.

Ticket Prices: prices vary but it should be around 40rmb. "Shanghai Scenery" is a good company to use.

Best Time to Go: warm spring, summer and fall days are the best time to go so you can sit Shangri-la adventure on the outer deck and enjoy.


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Travel Tips on The Bund Shanghai-Shanghai Tours of China

The Bund is Shanghai's famous waterfront district, often Yangtze River cruises called the "Museum of Architecture". The Bund is famous for its European style buildings.

The Bund, 1.5 kilometers long, extends from Jinling Road in the south to the Waibaidu Bridge over the Suzhou Creek in the north. It faces the Huangpu River, which is the longest river in Shanghai.


At the bank of Huangpu River in the Shanghai center


- how to get there?

By taxi: Everybody knows the Bund in Shanghai, thus just tell the taxi drivers, and they will take you
China tours there without any problem.

By subway: Subway is also a good choice, fast and convenient. Line 2

Shanghai tours

Visiting Time

- How long should I stay there?

- When is the best time to visit there?

Generally 2 hours, however, if you like you can get a cup of coffee and spend the whole afternoon there to Shanghai tours experience the real life in Shanghai.

In the morning, the Bund is the place that people do morning exercises.

In the day time, it is the flourishing tourist attraction.

In the evening, it is a romantic place for young people.

At night, when the colorful lights are on, the travel to Shangri-la various buildings are just like crystal palaces.

Costs/ Entrance Tickets: Absolutely free

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My Tour Experience in Shanghai-Shanghai Tours

“Join me later at Yongfoo élite,” she China tours texts me the night we are scheduled to meet. She apologizes that dinner’s gone late, explaining that she’s still out with friends but that they’re all headed for a nightcap and I should join. So I take a taxi through the dark, plane-tree–lined streets of the old French Concession and am delivered to the gate of a mansion that once served as the British consulate.

walk to the private bar in back and am about to introduce myself to her when a very familiar-looking man shakes my Yangtze River cruises hand avidly and asks me if I’d like some of his wine. Han Feng forgot to mention that her dinner companion was Jackie Chan. The actor and martial-arts legend holds court with a gang of his movie pals. Han Feng, it turns out, designed the wardrobe for his Karate Kid remake. My glass is refilled several times and Chan worries that I am not eating enough peanuts.

Shanghai tours

A few days later, Han Feng invites me to see her atelier at Grosvenor House, an elegant 1934 residential building now part of the Jin Jiang Hotel. As I enter the hotel’s gardens from the streets of the French Concession, the temperature seems to China business tours drop 10 degrees. The evening air turns sweet, the frantic pace of the city fades. Han Feng started her career in New York and was at first reluctant to move back to China. She tells me about a group of women who’d come in to shop earlier that day. They were businesswomen—publishers, restaurant owners, and TV writers.

What was interesting about this group, Han Feng said, wasn’t just their sophistication or willingness to spend but that they were specifically interested in a homegrown aesthetic rather than global brands. “One of the women said, ‘We never left China; China changed. We’ve tripled our salaries, we have better taste now, and we want to support Chinese designers.’ That wouldn’t have China business travel
happened five years ago.”


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Travel to Binjiang Da Dao in Shanghai Tours of China

Shanghai is also a hot tourist China tours destination renowned for its many historical landmarks and modern buildings such as The Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and its extensive growing Pudong skyline, etc. The beauty of Shanghai is centered on kinds of building of various styles. The old Chinese architectures make people immerse themselves in the world of 1930s. The towering skyscrapers make you feel amazing the modern technology. The Gothic arch, Baroque corridors and south gardens and residence of south China harmoniously display melding of the eastern and western culture.

Binjiang Da Dao

Location: East shoreline, Huangpu River , Pudong (entrances on either side of Lujiazui Lu)

Hours: Daily 6:30am-11pm (midnight in summer)

Transportation: Metro: Lujiazui

Prices: Free admission

Shanghai tours

Pudong's answer to the Bund, this strip of green along the east bank of the Huangpu River offers a fine view of the Bund at a distance. After dark, when the Bund's buildings are lit up and beacon lights sweep the river lanes, the view is one of the best in Yangtze River cruises Shanghai. The Riverside Promenade also affords marvelous views of Pudong's skyscrapers, and the Shanghai International Conference Center and its twin globes. Extending from Dongchang Lu and the river ferry terminal in the south to Taidong Lu in the north, the 2.5km-long (1 1/2-mile) promenade consists of manicured lawns, flower beds, and a broad walkway dotted with kiosks. Starbucks and Häagen-Dazs have staked out the best spots in the middle section around the Shangri-La hotel, so you can now have your view and your latte and ice cream, too.

Incense-bearing supplicants pray before a dizzying array of gilded Daoist deities, each entrusted with a specific cause. If Shanghai tours your timing is right, you may be able to catch a Daoist service, which is highly ritualized, often resembling pageants complete with music, Shanghai tour chanting, and processions of monks in colorful robes.

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Discover Colorful Nightlife of Shanghai China-Shanghai Tours

Most visitors to China tours Shanghai do not come intending to pursue outdoor recreation or sports, but there is a wide range of such activities. Hotels routinely provide exercise machines, weights, aerobic and workout areas, swimming pools, locker rooms, and, less often, tennis and squash courts, all at little or no charge to their guests.

It is possible to use some hotels' fitness facilities even if you are not a guest (although the fees can be steep). Joggers in Shanghai will find the early morning streets and public parks conducive to running. Shanghai has its own annual international Yangtze River cruises marathon, the Toray Cup (run in mid-Nov).

Shanghai tours/>

Golf and bowling are two of the most popular recreational sports in Shanghai, pursued by well-to-do locals, foreign residents, and overseas visitors, but you can also enjoy kite-flying, traditional taiji quan, and even go-cart racing Shangri-la tour if time and energy allow.

Spectator sports include Formula One racing, professional basketball, interleague soccer, and China business tour international badminton.

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Experience Today's Shanghai-Shanghai Tours of China

Textiles, steel, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and increasingly China tours the retail sector dominate the city's economy, which reports double-digit growth year after year. At the same time, Shanghai accounts for around 25% of China's foreign investment, with firms from Volkswagen and Buick to Mary Kay, Amway, Hallmark, and Coca-Cola having invested billions in plants and personnel here. In 2007, more than 500 multinational companies were reported to have their regional corporate headquarters in Shanghai. Not since colonial days (1846-1949), when the city was dominated by Western companies, has the port produced such an array of international investments.

Today's business, both domestic and foreign, has made Shanghai quite wealthy by Chinese standards, with rising salaries creating an increasingly affluent middle class. The latter comprises mostly white-collar managers, many of whom earn Yangtze River cruises upwards of ¥100,000 a year. China is expected to become the largest luxury market in the world in a few years, led no less by Shanghai. As China's longtime center of shopping, Shanghai also has plenty of upscale places to dispose of the increased income. Residents are not only forward-looking and business-oriented, but fashionable.

Shanghai is a city of boutiques, malls, and up-to-date department stores. Year by year, it is catching up with Hong Kong as one of Asia's paradises for shoppers. Everything is writ large here. Shanghai is not only home to China's first and largest stock exchange, but it also boasts the world's second-largest department store, China's busiest (and the world's second-busiest) container port, Shanghai tour China's tallest building, and the tallest hotel in the world -- not to mention more than 13 million mobile phone users.With prosperity, even sales of the venerable bicycle, formerly the chief means of transport in the city, have declined (from one million sales in Shanghai in 1990 to less than half that today). Meanwhile, the streets are crowded with more than 600,000 vehicles (including 45,000 taxis) and 280,000 motorcycles.

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Travel in Shanghai in Depth-Shanghai Tours of China

While Beijing may be the capital China tours of China, Shanghai -- the "city above the sea" -- is China's economic, financial, and commercial center, its largest city, and the heart of China's future. As China reemerges as a major global power in the 21st century, Shanghai is the economic engine that is leading the way.

As Shanghai goes, so goes the rest of China. No other super city in the Middle Kingdom, including Hong Kong and Beijing, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter, is more vibrant or fascinating. Most recently, Shanghai solidified its credentials as a Yangtze River cruises full-fledged world-class city when it successfully hosted the 2010 World Expo.

None of this should be a surprise when you take a look at Shanghai's history. Blessed by its location at the mouth of the Yangzi River, Shanghai rose from a fishing village in the 7th century to a major commercial center by the 17th century. In the 19th century, its status as a treaty port enabled all kinds of foreign influences to mix with local Chinese culture, so much so that by the early-20th century, Shanghai had become known as the Paris of China, and one of the most cosmopolitan and international cities in the world, where Shangri-la tour foreigners and Chinese alike flocked.

But excesses also allowed for the fomenting of revolution, and the city that gave birth to the Communist Party of China in 1921 was also the one most thoroughly shut down after the 1949 Communist victory. With economic reforms in China starting in 1978, however, Shanghai has once again donned the mantle of progress (at warp speed, no less), and at the beginning of a new millennium, the China business tour city has an air of prosperity rediscovered from the heady days of the wealthy foreign concessions.

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Using Credit Cards in Your Shanghai Tours

Credit cards are another safe China tours way to carry money. They also provide a convenient record of all your expenses, and they generally offer relatively good exchange rates. In China, however, despite the plethora of Visa and MasterCard signs throughout, your international credit card (guoji xinyong ka) is usually accepted only at the top international hotels, and at restaurants and shops catering to foreigners.

You can also obtain cash advances (in yuan) against your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club card at major Yangtze River cruises branches of the Bank of China (bring your passport). This is an expensive way of getting cash, as there is a minimum withdrawal of ¥1,200 and you'll have to pay a 4% commission plus whatever your card issuer charges you, so use it only as a last resort.

In general, beware of hidden credit-card fees while traveling. Check with your credit or debit card issuer to see what fees, if any, will be charged for overseas transactions. Recent reform legislation in the U.S., for example, has Shanghai tour curbed some exploitative lending practices. But many banks have responded by increasing fees in other areas, including fees for customers who use credit and debit cards while out of the country -- even if those charges were made in U.S. dollars. Fees can amount to 3% or more of the purchase price. Check with your bank before departing to avoid any surprise charges on your statement.

If you plan to use your credit cards in China, notify your issuer(s) beforehand, as many companies, to prevent fraud, often put a hold on cards that suddenly start registering foreign charges. Loss of credit cards should be Shangri-la tour reported immediately.

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Shanghai Tours-Great China Travel Guide of Shanghai

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Shanghai Tours-Tips Best Dining Bets in Shanghai China

Best French: Mr & Mrs Bund, Paul Pairet's modern French eatery, takes China tour the prize for its creative and delicious cuisine that's all the more fun for being shared, and available till the wee hours of the morning. Jean Georges at Three on the Bund proves a worthy challenger with superb and creative entrees and wickedly sinful desserts.

Best Asian (Non-Chinese): Simply Thai, with several outlets, serves consistently delicious, authentic Thai food in the most charming of environments. Outside of hotel restaurants, the best Japanese cuisine and freshest sushi can be found, if you're lucky enough to Yangtze River cruises get a seat, at Sushi Oyama. Chor Bazaar is your best source for tasty Indian fare that is easy on the wallet.

Best Tongue Twister (Due Shanghai tours to Spicy Food): For the spiciest Chinese food, Di Shui Dong will give you chilies straight up by way of Hunan Province. Your sweat glands will be working overtime.

Best Vegetarian: The French Concession Zao Zi Shu takes its mission seriously (its name is also a pun that exhorts diners to China educational tours become vegetarians as soon as possible, zao chi su). There's no smoking, no MSG, no alcohol, and no dairy, but plenty of organic tea, fruit appetizers, flavorful vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu doubling as meat.

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Shanghai Tours-Security about Shanghai Travel of China

I felt perfectly safe in Shanghai; it is no different than any large city and better China tours than most. Foreign tourists have very few problems if they behave respectfully. The police don't put up with any nonsense, and if you are harassed or mugged and can get to a phone, dial 110 (the police emergency number), an officer will show up within five minutes. Or so I'm told.

Just use your common sense. Don't go places after hours alone if you're a woman, and try not to take taxis after 11pm, not because they will do anything bad but because after 11pm, the cabs charge Yangtze River cruises twice the daytime rates. Take a map and get your bearings before going anywhere; Shanghai is a pretty easy city to learn.

Pickpockets are notoriously competent in China. I carried only as much money as I thought I'd spend, and kept a smaller amount in a pocket to pull out for fares, incidental purchases, etc. Just don't flash money around. These are all travel to Shangri-la precautions you'd take in any large city.

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Former Residence of Mme Soong Ching Ling Shanghai-Shanghai Tours

Shanghai is chaotic, overcrowded, overbuilt China tour, clogged with traffic, exuberant and totally unapologetic. Some years ago, the government figured out that funding Shenzhen and other economic development areas didn't make as much sense as allowing a place like Shanghai to find its own way in the world. So they stopped taking revenues out of the city, and let the city plan and spend on its own future.

Married to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the father of modern China, and the most ethical of the famous Soong sisters, Soong Ching Ling is still revered and her home on Huaihai Road is worth the visit, if only to walk through an area of Shanghai that still Yangtze River cruises has a quiet and colonial air and to see the inside of a Shanghai villa.

There is a small museum inside the walls displaying gifts given to her by heads of state (boring) and photos and personal letters to/from her sisters (much more interesting, they Shangri-la adventure were Wesleyan College graduates and corresponded in English). You have to slip on hospital shoe covers in the front hall before going in. The house itself has much of the original furniture and artwork, but the upstairs is no longer open to tourists - apparently the floors are sagging from too much traffic.

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Party and Shopping Guide of Shanghai China-Shanghai Tours

Places to Party

Shanghai offers a range of nightlife options. These include large dance China tours clubs featuring world class DJs to lounges and pubs, many of which are located near the Bund. The city also offers theatrical performances, opera, acrobatics, musicals and live music from large-scale rock, pop and classical performances featuring internationally famous artists.

Hot Tips: A schedule of events going on in the city can be found in Yangtze River cruises several monthly and bi-weekly magazines.

Where to Shop

Shanghai is famous throughout China for its shopping options. Head to Xujiahui and the surrounding area for electronic goods, from high-end computers to parts for custom-built electronics. High-end shopping Shangri-la tour can be found along Maoming South Road and contains art galleries and boutique fashion stores. Xintiandi, located in the French Concession, offers a mix of handmade accessories and souvenirs directed at tourists.

Caution: Although Xintiandi offers a range of shopping options, prices there are more expensive as the area is primarily directed towards tourists.

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Visit Shanghai of China-China Tours

As China's commercial capital prepares to host the World Expo in 2010, this China tours megacity of 19 million continues to grow and change at a breakneck pace.

Shanghai is like Tokyo on speed; whilst Tokyo is very polite and ordered, Shanghai is raw and very full on. The driving, especially cabs drivers, are nerve-racking and very funny - you haven't seen so much horn abuse anywhere; everyone seems to have a hair trigger behind the wheel.

The skyline is one of Shanghai's highlights, with developers seemingly looking Yangtze River cruises to outdo each other with the tallest, most extravagant building. Contemporary architecture and countless beautiful skyscrapers compete with the art deco buildings of "old Shanghai" for glory.

It's a tourist mecca, but the Oriental Pearl Tower, actually a TV tower, is worth Shangri-la tour a visit, or at least a viewing from across the river - the mind-blowing, futuristic Pudong view is best seen from the famous Bund at night.

When the haze of smog and mist student tours to China
clears, the view from the Park Hyatt, Shanghai's highest hotel (although set to be overtaken by the building being built across the road), is another must-see.

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Discover Hong Kong’s zany bun festival-China Tours

There's no question that Hong Kong's traditional holiday celebrations are colourful China educational tours, from the buckets of freshly-cut flowers exploding out of market stalls during Chinese New Year to the gentle glow of the elaborate lanterns that pay homage to the harvest moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

But no ritual is as vibrant -- or as zany -- as the Cheung Chau Bun Festival, an annual springtime rite China business travel characterized by parades, performances -- and thousands of hunks of steamed dough.

A 40-minute ferry ride from downtown Hong Kong, the sleepy island of Cheung Chau is a fishing village with narrow lanes, seafood restaurants, beaches and water sports. Once known for being an outpost of piracy within the territory, today it is a China tours destination for city folk looking for a laid-back day trip -- except during the bun festival, when huge crowds gather to witness the spectacle.

Held annually according to the lunar calendar (this year falling on 25 to 29 April), the bun festival's origins date back 100 years to when a plague struck the island, and in response villagers set up an altar to Pak Tai, a Taoist god. They sacrificed Yangtze River cruises offerings to drive away the evil spirits causing the scourge -- and it worked. The bun festival is celebrated every year to thank the deities who saved the island.

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What to Eat and Drink in Shanghai Tours of China

In an ancient land five millennia old, Shanghai feels like it was born yesterday. There are few age-old temples and monuments here, instead you’ll discover an extreme blend of art deco architecture, high-speed Maglevs, skyrocketing travel to Shangri-la buildings, European colonial neighbourhoods and charming 19th-century alleys.

The city’s most famous sesameseed- coated fried dumplings unquestionably belong to Yang’s Fry-Dumpling . Queues can China tours stretch for miles as eager diners wait for them to be dished out onto communist-era enamel dishes. Order at the left counter then join the queue on the right to pick up your order (54-60 Wujiang Rd; lunch; 4 dumplings 50p).

Dishuidong is the locals' choice for spicy Hunanese cooking in unpretentious Yangtze River cruises surroundings. Its greatest claim to fame are the cumin ribs, but there’s no excuse not to try the chicken and chilli clay pot or even the classic boiled frog (00 86 21 6253 2689; 2nd Fl, 56 South Maoming Road; lunch and dinner; mains £2-£8).

Factory is all about creativity, with a recording studio, exhibition space and China business travel retail shop. But it’s also a restaurant serving delicious kung pao chicken salad and peppercorn scallops (00 86 21 6563 3393; Bldg 4, 29 Shajing Rd; lunch and dinner; mains £2.50-£18).



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Visit Shanghai’s top five museums in Shanghai Tours

A time-lapse movie of the Shanghai skyline would be a fascinating study in urban development, but how Shanghai tours do you come to grips with a city that swaps faces faster than a Sichuanese opera performer? Head to these five museums to help gain a foothold in a place where the only constant is constant change.

Rockbund Art Museum

Opened in 2010 as part of the Back Bund renovation project, the Rockbund is one of China business tours the city’s premier modern art museums. And as far the heritage of local architectural goes, the museum’s Art Deco home is a feel-good story – it was originally built for the Royal Asiatic Society in 1932, one of the first modern museums in China. Exhibitions focus on contemporary Chinese artists and explore themes that pertain to life in a fast-changing society.

Propaganda Poster Art Centre

Chinese communism was certainly no friend to the arts, denying any form of expression that was not socialist in nature. But from a historical perspective, some of the mass-produced propaganda issued in the 1950s and ’60s is Yangtze River cruises fascinating, particularly now that the horrors of the Cultural Revolution stand in such sharp contrast to present-day China. Stop by this underground gallery to enter the bizarre world of cheerful peasants, cherubic children, heroic soldiers, revolutionary Red Guards, and, of course, innumerable depictions of the Great Helmsman himself.

Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Shanghai’s quest to unseat Hong Kong as China’s leading financial centre has been officially underway for some time now. At times, it seems as though Shanghai has light years to go before it can truly compete with Hong Kong’s China tours sophistication and first-rate business services, but drop in at the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and you will realize just how far Shanghai has come in the past two decades. Start with historic photos and maps of old Shanghai before moving on to the highlights, an enormous scale model of the future city (circa 2020) and a 3D virtual tour.


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